“The LORD detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please him.”
Proverbs 20:23, NKJV

Many times we find ourselves caught in the quandary of compromise simply because to stand upon our convictions becomes uncomfortable and inconvenient. The above verse states unequivocally that God detests chameleon Christians. To be worldly at work among the people who do not know God and then put on a Christian face with your buddies at church is considered differing weights and dishonest scales. It makes God sick to His stomach.

Why do we waver? Because our commitment to stand is not grounded in God’s character, but rather upon the characters with whom we are standing or our circumstances. We must be anchored in the God who does not change. He is always slow to anger, always merciful, always loving, always patient, always kind, always faithful, always good, always able. With God, there is no shadow of turning. He is reliable and trustworthy. That is the kind of character He is looking for in His children. In a society set in sinking sand, the world needs to see examples of God’s stability. They want to know that we will not buckle under pressure. Although they may scoff at us, ridicule us, and exclude us for our faith, they still want to know that we are real because when their world falls apart, they will need a solid hand to hang onto.

It is no wonder that our wishy-washy walk disgusts the heart of God. Only through those who exhibit His rock-solid character and His no-compromise conviction is God able to declare His ironclad goodness, His incontestable trustworthiness, and His never-failing love to a watching world.

QUESTION: What attributes of the character of God bring stability and comfort to you? How can you be an example of that for others?