“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”
Proverbs 16:3, NIV

When I was a young man, we visited my grandparents in the summers where they owned some undeveloped property. My grandfather would often gather the able-bodied male grandchildren, and head to the property to clear brush and small trees in order to keep the overgrowth from swallowing up the site. My grandfather would dispense his legendary wisdom while directing the work like a good foreman waving and pointing his cane in the appropriate direction. “Clear the path,” he would shout as one tree after another would fall to the handsaws often not so cheerfully manned by my cousins and me. He taught us that in order to see the beauty the path needed to be cleared. We had to cut down some lovely things to see and enjoy the other beauties that shared that wonderful spot.

This Proverb begins exactly in the right place – a commitment to the Lord. We are called to know and embrace God’s agenda, not our own. The Bible teaches that we are bought with a price. That means all that we are and have is to be given over to God and His desires.

The second part of the proverb promises success but a success that is measured in heaven not here and not by our human standards. That kind of success is the truly beautiful vista that is implied in this promise. The path to that destination is commitment to the Lord and His agenda.

If the first step to that goal is embracing God’s agenda then the next step is the removal of all obstacles in the way. Some of those obstacles may be worthy and good. But, if they hamper our ability to concentrate on His agenda, then worthy or not, they must be removed from the path. The obstacles may be professional ambition, material things, a hobby, even a person. “Clear the path” means removing those distractions from the greater goal – the glory of God.

QUESTION: Have you made a commitment to God to make His agenda your own? What are the obstacles standing in your way? Ask God to help you clear the path!