“On hearing his words, some of the people said, ‘Surely this man is the
Prophet.’ Others said, ‘He is the Christ.’ Still others asked, ‘How can the Christ
come from Galilee?’
Thus the people were divided because of Jesus.”

John 7:40-41, 43, NIV

Jesus offered himself as the water that would always satisfy. What a powerful, overwhelming image for the ancient world – and for us! He can meet all our needs. Our Lord said that He is our satisfaction, and when He satisfies, He makes it possible for us to bring satisfaction to others. What was the effect of this remarkable statement on the lives of those who heard it? What effect has it had on our lives?

Christ’s dramatic declaration immediately brought division and rejection. There were three immediate opinions about who Jesus was. Some thought he was a prophet. Others thought, correctly, that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah. Others said he was just a man. The mention of Christ can bring division to everyday life among family, friends, and co-workers. Talking about religious matters is acceptable as long as one talks about them dispassionately, but talking about them personally is not allowed. Why? Because when one subscribes to what Christ has to say, his life is redirected; his affections are changed; and his values are different.

Those of you who follow Christ are going to find yourselves subject to increasing pressure and alienation. The division that Christ brings is going to become more pronounced. Christ will be everything to individuals or he will be nothing. Those who drink of this world and the fountains of secularism will be unfilled and empty. But those drinking of Christ will overflow.

QUESTION: Is Christ your sustainer? Today, would you receive by faith His overflowing promise? He is either all or nothing!