“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best . . .”
Philippians 1:9, 10, NIV

Paul prays a noble prayer for the Philippian church. It should be everyone’s prayer. Because we live such busy lives, it is more important than ever that we know what the Lord’s best is. I believe with all my heart that “good” is the enemy of “best.” There are many Christians living their lives doing good things, but they are missing out on the things that are the best.

Paul provides a few insights on how to make sure you are focused on the things that are the best. First, you must make sure you have not stagnated in your love for the Lord Jesus Christ. A growing love is required if you are going to remain fresh in your understanding of what the Lord requires of you. Peter warned you not to become unproductive and ineffective in your knowledge of Jesus (2 Peter 1:8). He said if you fail to continue to grow, you will die.

Second, your knowledge must always be expanding. There has never been a time when there is more information available to ordinary people. This complicates your life more than you imagine. There is never enough time to study all there is to know, yet decisions must still be made. Many are cluttering their minds with worldly information, yet there is a deficit of spiritual information. Christians must know the ways of God and practice them if they are going to choose the best things.

Finally, there must be a depth of insight. This requires meditation. This requires quiet moments with God when He reminds us of our purpose and His plans. What will be the results of choosing the best? Purity, fruitfulness, and glorifying God. Not a bad reward for those who dare to choose.

QUESTION: What is keeping you from God’s best? What choices do you need to make if you are going to experience God’s best?