“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV

Do you know how to be thankful? Could you immediately experience a state of thanksgiving whenever you want or need to? Could you obey today’s verse? If
you said, “no,” then you perhaps do not know what the cause of thanksgiving
is. You may not even realize thanksgiving is an effect not a cause.

The cause of personal thanksgiving is awareness of good done toward us. If we are
truly aware of good being done toward us, then thanksgiving comes naturally. He created
this thanksgiving ability just as surely as He created our reaction to temperature
changes through the sensation of heat or cold on our skin. We were created to automatically
react with thanksgiving to goodness.

Have you noticed how some Americans are thankful for America while some are
not? The unthankful American has lost awareness of the great good they have being an
American. Recent immigrants have no trouble being thankful. They know great good
when they see it and experience it-they feel freedom on the skin of their souls.

Unthankful Americans have become so calloused they have lost the awareness of
the heart of freedom. The skin of their souls as citizens is dead. Unthankful Christians are
even more to be wondered at when they cannot feel the freedom of Christ on the skin
of their forever liberated souls. How tragic!

Can you see now why God’s will is for us to be thankful in everything? It is because
in everything that happens God is still wonderfully good toward us. The cause (God’s
constant goodness) is continuous but the effect (our thanksgiving) depends on our

QUESTION: Is there a circumstance in your life where awareness of God and His
goodness is very low? What is keeping you from feeling the goodness of God? Can you
ask Him to make you aware again?