“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
Genesis 1:1, NIV

While our God is the master of managing details, His true specialty is “BIG!” He loves to work on a grand scale. This simple statement in Genesis dramatically declares how easily He can accomplish the amazingly monumental. Now as Moses, inspired by the Spirit, wrote Genesis 1:1, he knew this “heaven and earth” stuff was big but he had no idea how big. While Moses had piled up more frequent-hiker miles than most of his contemporaries, he probably had little awareness of just how big his world was. He had seen Egypt, the Promised Land (and lots of desert between) but that was just about it. Great oceans and continents yet to be discovered were beyond Moses’ imagination. He probably never dreamed of “the earth” being a Godgenerated globe of approximately 27,000 miles in circumference. But that is just part of the verse. God created the heavens. Now we are really talking big. Moses’ God, our God, is so great, He spoke and the vast universe came into being. Do you think Moses ever tried to count the stars God placed in the middle-eastern sky? Astronomers believe 200-400 billion star systems exist in our 100,000 light year-wide Milky Way Galaxy and ours is just one galaxy among millions.

How did God create all this with a word? “Let there be…” and boom, it was there! What power! In fact, our God is so powerful, He did not even need to speak the words. (My theory is He just did this so Moses would have something to write down later.)

QUESTION: So how do you apply this? How big is that problem you are facing today compared to the size and power of a God who created the heavens and the earth?