“Be still, and know that I am God….”
Psalm 46:10, KJV

Grounded due to equipment problems…” was all we heard. I was waiting at the airport to fly home and we had already been delayed for two hours. Now the wait was going to be even longer. The people around me were beside themselves. The thought of sitting still for two more hours was inconceivable…as well as too unproductive.

Some of them immediately opened up their computers, while some put on ear-phones. Still others walked down the concourse to a bar. To spend some time just sitting still was unthinkable.

The mind set of the twenty-first century American is to either stay busy or be entertained. We push ourselves so hard each day that we collapse into bed exhausted. The thought of sitting still and thinking seems too unproductive. The bigger problem is that we have allowed that busy attitude to creep into our relationship with God.

The busiest person to ever walk this planet was Jesus. If everything Jesus did were written in detail, there might not be enough space to hold the books. (John 21:25) Busy as He was, Jesus set aside time to be still. Some nights Jesus sat and prayed.(Luke 6:12) Even after the spectacular event of feeding the five thousand, He did not have a wrap-up meeting with His disciples. He chose to be still. (Mark 6:46)

Jesus set aside time for being. Even Jesus needed the time to be still. Knowing His time on earth was limited did not make Him frantic to get more done.

Has the expression of your faith become one of doing rather than being? There has to be a balance between the doing and the being…and the being is the priority. All of your doings for God will become dry and tedious if you do not choose to take time to be still with God. Each of us has to make the daily choice to be a human being rather than a human doing.

QUESTION: What adjustments do you need to make to the “being” side of your life? What “doings” need to be re-evaluated?