With bright eyes and a huge smile that revealed his excitement, little 6-year old Benjamin proudly marched up to a volunteer greeting him and his mom at the door and exclaimed, “Today, I get my back pack!” There was nothing else we could do other than escort them immediately into the room where over 800 backpacks were on display.  Overwhelmed and overjoyed, Benjamin captured the heart of every volunteer with his infectious smile and world concurring attitude.

Benjamin was only one example of the fun and excitement shared by hundreds on Saturday, August 8th, at the Sheridan House Back-to-School event for single parent families.  The morning began bright and early; and those waiting in line were treated to bagels and chicken biscuits from Offerdahl’s Cafe & Grill and Chick-fil-A.  Once inside, the children were greeted by the famous “Mother Goose” and her face painting team.  Kids were beaming with the colors of angels and the webs of Spider-man.

Next stop was the Sheridan House “Hair Salon” which turned out cool cuts along with balloons and lollipops!  Not every kid was excited to get their summer hair cut short; however, there were many parents relieved to see one less budget item on their already tight account, not to mention the kids’ adorable faces.  The world class group of stylists present all volunteered their Saturday to help those in need and made the “Hair Salon” a true hot spot!

The last stop for the kids was to the backpack room where hundreds of colorful, high quality backpacks awaited their new owners.  Each pack was filled with the necessary supplies for a great start to the new school year.  In addition to the supplies, our friends at OneHope provided each student with a copy of the Book of Hope for their appropriate age level.  Each book addresses several of the issues the kids will face along with Biblical truths on how to tackle them.  All in all, it was a great day of laughter, sharing, hugs, and smiles!

Most importantly, we want to thankyou, our donors, for your generous support.  Without your involvement, this Back-to-School event for underprivileged youth would not have been possible.  Hundreds of South Florida youth and their parents are not only equipped for the start of the school year, but also realize that people in our community care enough to help them in their time of need – all through the love of Christ!

“And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs…”  (Titus 3:14).