“For through the grace given to me I say to every man among you not to
think more highly of himself than he ought to think…”

Romans 12:3a, NAS

This verse comes right after Paul’s encouragement toward transformation. The shape of the world is to look at self. The biblical principle of selflessness has no room to exist if you are focused on yourself. Some things are just not that important, even though they seem so at the time of crisis.

Recently I found myself in a local department store, as I needed to pick up a few items. I was in the store for no more than thirty minutes but seemed to keep meeting a woman yelling at her children at every turn. I took my items to the cashier and then went back to my car. Guess who was parked next to me? You got it, the woman. She was still yelling and cursing. I figured the Lord had put her in my presence for a reason. So I said to her, “You are teaching your children to be angry by your example.” Okay, I am not so good at warming up to people. Now she was really mad. She unleashed a torrent of words, the likes of which I had never heard. Then I told her I was a pastor (I just knew that would quiet her down); was that ever a mistake. She got in her car and left. I stood there trying to consider what I should have done differently. Bottom line… she was redlining on the selfishness meter.

What about you? Do you take yourself too seriously? Do you regularly find yourself at the boiling point, or the stress point, or the weary point? Are you consulting your Heavenly Father about the situation?

Our earthly existence is too short to be so serious. Lighten up!!! Enjoy the journey and grow in your walk with God. He has plans for you, if you will only wait, watch, and follow.

QUESTION: Who is the one person that takes you to “overheat” almost every time? What are three ways you could give that relationship over to the Lord? What are some ways that you can begin to take God more seriously? What does grace have to do with selflessness?