“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10, NIV

The Bible clearly states, God has blessed every believer with at least one spiritual gift. The purpose of these gifts is “to serve others.” You have heard the old line, “We were not saved to sit but to serve.” It is old but it is very true.

If early in our Christian experience, we fail to get involved in some type of service, we start to spiritually stagnate. We miss the excitement of service and according to 1Peter 4:10, miss one of God’s primary purposes for our lives.

Let me illustrate. I have a two year old and we watch a lot of two-year old TV. He has been through Bob the Builder, Elmo, Big Bird, and thank goodness, he seems to be over Barney! For the last six months his favorite is Disney’s Toy Story II. I liked this one. The computer animation is excellent and the story of Sheriff Woody and his buddy, Buzz Lightyear, is interesting, even to ole’ Dad. You can always tell your child’s favorite toy; it is the one that is in the worst shape. The hair is pulled out, a button eye is missing, and the stuffing has literally been loved out of it. In spite of the risk involved, Buzz and Woody are committed to their purpose of making a child happy. But there is one character in Toy Story II that has totally missed this principle. His name is “Stinky Pete.” He has a self-centered, manipulative, critical – basically, stinky attitude! Why? He has never been out of his box. He is not to be played with, he thinks he is a collectable, bound for a toy museum.

I have met a few “Stinky Pete” Christians through the years; never serving others, stuck in the box of inactivity. They just kinda’ take up space, waiting for their acceptance into the great heavenly museum. If this content:encoded hits home at all, it is time to get off the shelf, out of the box and busy for God.

QUESTION: What is something you can do today to serve someone else?