Ricky was not your typical middle school boy. He didn’t love sports or activities that required any type of physical participation.  What he loved most was…nothing. He actually called himself “lazy.”  When asked what he did over the weekend he would report that he missed meals and slept. 

You would not believe the changes Ricky has made over the past twelve months at Sheridan House.  This summer, Ricky learned to lift weights, catch fish, change a car tire, and make a model car in woodshop.  Ricky is proud of his achievements.

Ricky flashes his bright, proud smile as he prepares for graduation day.

His father, Ralph, reported many positive changes at home as well.  He stated, “Ricky still some room for improvement, but his mother and I are pleased with his progress.”  Ralph has learned a few new parenting skills through the residential parent meetings which has helped them all tremendously.  They understand that this has been a learning process and are ready and committed to work together as a family.

Ricky recently graduated from our program and is definitely missed by his house parents and behavior specialist.  They are confident that the lessons he learned at Sheridan House will be part of his future successes in his “new and improved” life.