It was Jennifer’s first day at Sheridan House.  Like the other girls, she was very nervous.  She recognized she needed help with her behavior.  She was also highly aware of how difficult she made it for her family at times.  Even though Jennifer knew things could not keep going the way they were, she was not excited about being at Sheridan House. 

Jennifer’s mother works long hours; and she feels like her mom never has much time for her.  Her older brother is trying to establish his own life and is not around as often as he once was.  Her father calls her occasionally, but rarely arranges to spend time with her.  Jennifer’s extended family has asked that she not come around until she changes her behavior.  Simply put, Jennifer’s family experience is painful and fractured.

Jennifer smiles brightly as she recalls the best part of her day.

The girls in the home warmly welcomed Jennifer when she arrived.  They quickly accepted her and spent the afternoon focusing on getting to know her.  At dinner that evening, they took turns going around the table and sharing the best part of their day.  One girl mentioned a funny thing that happened at school.  Another reported that she received a good grade on an assignment.  When it was Jennifer’s turn, her eyes began to fill with tears.  “This is the best part of my day.  I finally know what it feels like to be part of a family.  This is how I want my family to be!”

Jennifer’s journey at Sheridan House has just begun, but she is certainly off to a good start.  Join us in praying for her and her family.