Compassion and service are two very important concepts that many of today’s youth are not taught.  In fact, society teaches quite the opposite:  “Look out for number one!”  As a part of our summer enrichment program, the girls in Sheridan House had the opportunity to put compassion and service into action.

 Following a visit from an Iraq War veteran (who is also married to one of the girls’ behavioral specialists), the girls collected items to include in care packages.  These care packages were sent to troops currently serving in active duty.  The response from the girls was awesome.  “This is so cool that we can actually send this stuff to troops!”

Among the snacks, shampoo and conditioner, pens and paper, socks, and magazines they packaged, the girls also send a small note of encouragement along with a picture expressing their thanks. 

“I wish we could cheer all of them up,” Madison said.  In a day when the media would have us believe we are involved in a pointless battle, the girls learned to keep politics aside.  They may never know who receives their care package, but in the words of Ashley, “God will send it to the soldier He knows needs it the most!”

The girls express their thanks with a military shout out, "Thank You. OORAH!"