I absolutely loved the career workshop with Ruth!  She was inspiring, uplifting and funny.  I have told so many people about her and how great the seminar was. –  Nichol

The seminar itself was excellent and I picked up several great tips.  I will be redoing my resume today.  Ruth was wonderful.  She was very understanding and at the same time she “told it like it is” which I really appreciated. –  Linda

Speaker, Ruth Torres

Recently, our single parent ministry offered an Interviewing/Resume Preparation training session to the moms we serve.  Not only did the moms walk away educated, empowered, and enthusiastic, but they also experienced a true blessing by fellow single mom, Ruth Torres.  Ruth savored the opportunity to give back to Sheridan House since we played such an integral role in the life of her family when they needed it.

Ruth understands the journey our moms are on because she has walked in their shoes.  “I grew up in an environment of poverty and abuse.  Education was not a priority.  I dropped out of school and became a single parent at a very young age.   After being told that I wouldn’t amount to much, I refused to believe it, clung to the knowledge that God gifted me for a great purpose, and I enrolled in college.  It was tough being a full time employee, student, and mom; but by the grace and strength of God, I did it.  I completed both my undergraduate and graduate programs.  If I can do it, anyone can!”

Ruth approaches life from a Biblical, positive, “can do” attitude and her enthusiasm is contagious.   With over 20 years of experience in human resources and a passion for helping others discover and apply their God-given talents within their careers, Ruth was an obvious choice for our first career training sessions.

“God continues to bless and challenge me as I move forward in faith.  He has used Sheridan House to demonstrate His love to me so many times.  I am honored and humbled to give back and help other moms.”