Bubbling with excitement, Sarah told us that she was finally able to purchase her own home!  She is a hard-working, single mom who faithfully serves the Lord full-time at her church.  After years of working as a mentor in a discipleship group-home, Sarah was ready to move out and into her own home along with her children.  She prayed and saved diligently for 5 years; and the Lord recently blessed her with a home that is beyond what she imagined!

Sarah smiles brightly as she and her children enjoy their new home.

Although Sarah was excited about her new home, she was now faced with the challenge of furnishing it on a tight budget.  Miriam Duame, our single parent ministry coordinator, asked her in a casual conversation if she had any current needs.  Sarah mentioned her new home and shyly talked about her need for furniture.  Since we didn’t have anything in storage, Miriam made note of it and prayed that God would fulfill Sarah’s need.  The very next email she received that day was from someone ready to donate both a very nice dining room set and bedroom set, and wanted to know if one of our single moms could use it?  The answer was a resounding YES!

God, in His incredible love for us, knows what we need before we even ask for it.  We are so grateful He allowed us to be a blessing in Sarah’s life.  So, here we are – together with you, our donors – offering hope and meeting needs!