Parent of the Year

The parents of our residential children recently participated in a holiday celebration dinner held in each of our homes.  Traditionally, we incorporate a celebration of the children’s efforts and achievements with an awards ceremony.  Additionally, each house also gives a “Parent of the Year” award.  One of the homes awarded the “Parent of the Year” to an outstanding grandfather this year.  

Equally proud of the other, James and his grandfather beam with joy in celebration of receiving the "Parent of the Year" award. This year, it is certainly something grand!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, James is currently living with his grandparents.  James experienced some difficulties when he first entered the program.  During the initial transition time, children typically push their parents to withdraw them from the program.  James’ grandfather, however, would not waver.  Every time James would ask to be taken out of Sheridan House, his grandfather would remind him of the importance of finishing what he starts.  He knew that James could do it.

Shortly thereafter, James’ behavior improved both at school and at home.  Today, he is still making positive strides through wise choices.  When James’ grandfather was announced as “Parent of the Year,” two pairs of eyes welled up with tears – one was so proud of his grandfather, while the other was humbled by the honor.  That night, James and the other boys were reminded in a powerful way that they are not in this alone.  Their parents are with them every step of the way, cheering them on, and proud of the young men they are becoming.