When William graduated from Sheridan House earlier this year, we knew his return home would be a unique adjustment.  Within a matter of days, he and his family moved out of state.  Not only did William need to adapt to living at home 24/7, but he also needed to acclimate himself to a totally new environment.  Due to the far distance, we understood that our follow-up with William and his family regarding this fresh new start would be limited to phone calls and email updates.

William and his family smile as they celebrate all that God is doing in his life.

Recently, William wrote his house parents, Steve and Teri Griffith.  In the email, he informed them that he was earning all A’s and B’s (with the exception of algebra!)  This is a great improvement over the D’s and F’s he was making when he entered Sheridan House.  He also shared his outlook on his new classmates.  For a long time, he had a difficult time making friends.  Now, William is learning to fit in among his peers and is proud of this accomplishment.

However, one statement in William’s email stood out from the rest.  It ensured us that “he got it.”  As he closed his note, William stated, “I’ve also learned that the empty feeling in my heart – where I’m looking for love from other people – can only be filled by God.”  Well said, William.