On a chilly December day, Veronica beamed with excitement and joy while delivering over 200 Christmas cookies to the teachers and staff of Walter C. Young Middle School.  Along with the other residential girls, Veronica warmly spread Christmas cheer as she served those who have poured so much love and instruction in her life.

Excited about delivering Christmas cookies, Veronica smiles joyfully.

What made this event so monumental in Veronica’s life is the fact that at the end of the last school year, she was asked not to return.  Due to her negative attitude and behavior, lack of focus, and refusal to cooperate in class, she was constantly either causing trouble or getting into trouble.  Her grandmother realized that they needed help and contacted Sheridan House.  The change that Veronica has experienced in her life has been remarkable.  She now receives praise and encouragement from her teachers for making positive academic and social choices both inside and outside of the classroom.  She chooses to obey and respect her parents and other authority figures.  She is also focused on achieving her life goals and is developing into a positive leader/influencer in her world.  Veronica genuinely seeks to “change her world.”

So, as Veronica stepped into the school office that morning, the mood was very different.  She was joyful.  There was a smile on her face that couldn’t be replaced.  She was thrilled to enter the office for such a joyous occasion.  Not only was she able to give back and show her gratitude, but she was welcomed with open arms and celebrated by all.  A changed life is a wonderful reason to be jolly!