“…Like babies you will be nursed and bounced on my knees. I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child…”
Isaiah 66:12-13, NIV

God is like a loving mother. God is a place of strength and we learn that from moms who have loved us and nurtured us. When I think of that verse, I think of times, as a little boy, when I would fall down and skin my knee or other times when I just felt sad, and I found myself crying. It was my mom who, when my knee was skinned, would pick me up, pronounce that I would be ok, and comfort me as she surrounded me with her arms. And when I felt unusually sad and just began to cry for reasons I did not know, my mom would notice and pull me over close to her and hug me. She would ask me what was wrong and I would tell her I did not know; I was just sad. I can remember feeling the support and love and warmth there cuddled in my mom’s arms and then the tears would begin to stop and some of the sadness went away.

Do you know the Lord is like that for you? He will comfort you as a mother comforts her child. When you fall down and skin your knee as an adult, like a loving mother, the Lord will come to you and comfort you. If you are open, the Lord puts His arms around you and comforts you like my mom comforted me. When you are feeling sad, and you know why or perhaps you do not know why, remember Isaiah 66:13: “Call upon the Lord and like a loving mother he puts his arms around you.” So if you skinned your knee, feeling sad or something else is difficult in your life, the Lord stands by to put His tender arms around you. It is the character of God to comfort us in our times of pain.

QUESTION: Are you experiencing feelings of sadness in your life? Why not ask the Lord for comfort in your times of sadness?