House parents, Steve and Teri Griffith, received the following letter from Tracy on his graduation day.


To Mom & Pop,

With great pride, Tracy leaves through the front door as a graduate of the Sheridan House Residential Program.

First of all, I can’t even express my thanks to you.  You are two of the greatest people I know.  It’s amazing how much you care for me even though I may sometimes give you a hard time.  You’re both great examples of a successful, caring adult and I hope to be one someday too.  You’ve gone out of your way for me so many times; I can’t even count.  You’ve helped me change my life around.  Nothing I do can repay that!

All the wise things you guys have told me will definitely stay in my thoughts.  I love you guys like you are a part of my family.  Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.


The Griffiths are so proud of Tracy and the young man he has become.  Please join us in praying for Tracy to continue to experience Christ in a deep and personal way.