I am a single parent who has been blessed to receive help from Sheridan House.

A few months ago, I attended the single parent classes on Godly Parenting.  As a single parent of three very active children, the parenting insight Dr. Barnes shared was invaluable in the way of how to set goals for my kids and deter negative behavior.  I developed an individualized plan for each child since their ages range from 4 to 16.  The instruction I received has been so helpful!

Ary poses in the head-to-toe look she selected from the Sheridan House Clothing Boutique.

Not only did you offer me great training, but then, you allowed me to enjoy a shopping spree in the Sheridan House Clothing Boutique.  The volunteers there ministered to me as I looked for presentable interview clothing.  A grey pant suit attracted my attention so much and the ladies helped me accessorize it with earrings, shoes, a handbag, shirt, and even an attaché.  Since then, I have been on several interviews.  I am pleased to share that I received three job offers and I am currently working for a very good organization!

Our God is an awesome God!  The people He has placed around my family have been nothing more than blessings to us and nourishment to our souls.  I am so grateful to Sheridan House Family Ministries, and to my church, Calvary Chapel, for guiding and assisting my family through these rough times.  I am thankful to Sheridan House for being a beacon in the fog and letting the love of our Savior shine through you to provide for my family.  Thank you again.

Be Blessed!!

Ary M.