For Mike and Dana Hawkins, house parents of Boys’ Home 2, morning devotion time is one of their favorite times of the day.  With a great passion to share Christ’s love with the boys in their home, the Hawkins feel honored to experience Christ with the boys each and every morning.

Recently, during one of the morning devotions, Pop Hawkins gave his testimony.  He described his life prior to accepting Christ and how His love has changed him since that defining moment.  After the devotion was over, the boys put their Bibles away, picked up their book-bags, and walked out to the van to go to school.  Billy, a boy who entered the program at the end of September, walked quietly out the door.

Billy was referred to us by the administrators and social worker of his former school.  His mother died tragically in a traffic accident a few years ago and he was being raised by his elderly father who was battling some health issues.  Unfortunately, Billy’s father had not been able to help his son cope with their loss and, in turn, was watching his son drift away.  “If anyone can help him, I know your program can,” the school social worker said during her initial phone call.  “Your program would be perfect for him because he doesn’t need to be yelled at; he needs to know he is loved.”

When Billy arrived at Sheridan House, his biggest issue was that he had become “adultified” in his demeanor leading him to believe that he knows all there is to know in life.  He struggled with extreme defiance and resisted any/all accountability.

As the boys filed out of the van that morning, Billy stayed behind.  “Pop,” he said, “Can I talk to you when I get back from school?  I want to be able to tell a story like yours.”  When he returned from school, he and Pop Hawkins sat together and talked, read from Scripture, and Billy met the Savior for the first time.

When Billy told his father that he accepted Jesus into his heart, his excitement was as real as the tears rolling down his father’s cheek.  Additionally, the progress he has made since that day is truly remarkable.  In a matter of a few months, Billy has embraced the structure and consistency of the program.  He has earned a position of leadership in the home, shows motivation in his school work and has an improved relationship with his father.

The change in his attitude has been tremendous.  Billy is now writing his own story.  It is not a story about a House Pop who loves his boys or a school social worker who cared enough to invest in the life of a young man.  This story is about the changing power of Jesus Christ.  The story is always about Him and how He loves us all.

*The child’s name has been changed for protection and privacy.